Womens-oakleys – For women that are looking for a pair of comfortable sunglasses, capable of protecting their eyes no matter the activity, the Oakley Women’s Forsake Rectangular Sunglasses are the answer. These sunglasses are designed for all-day use and maximum comfort, so it does not matter what tasks you need to complete while wearing the glasses. The Oakley Women’s Forsake Rectangular Sunglasses also possess some of the latest state of the art equipment and material integration, so you always receive the best product and performance from the equipment.

Mens oakleys – The Oakley Women’s Forsake Rectangular Sunglasses are made out of a hydrophilic Unobtanium, in order to fit comfortably around the nose and ears. It also is not going to leave marks from pinching the nose, which is common place for other sunglasses. The lenses of the women’s sunglasses also posses the patented Plutonite material, which filters out 100 percent of UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light, which is not always blocked out by other pairs of sunglasses. This way, your eyes are always protected to the maximum level, regardless of where you are and how direct the sun is. There is also an Iridum coating on the lens, which is designed to reduce the amount of glare, not to mention the lens are impact resistant, so dropping the Oakley glasses shouldn’t result in any damage.

Oakley sunglasses – While partaking in sporting events and other activities while outside, it is important to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. This is accomplished with the Oakley Forsake Rectangular sunglasses.